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Worldtoday is a member of the following groups and thus endorses their objectives. The topics include freedom, equality and justice. Support these parties as well, so that many people can be helped.

We campaign on humanist issues. We defend humanists at risk of persecution and violence. We lobby for humanist values at international institutions, including the United Nations. And we work to build the humanist movement around the world.

Through Humanists International, humanists have a place at the table in international affairs. We speak from a specifically humanist perspective, representing our members and supporters at international bodies like the United Nations in Geneva and New York, the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, the Council of Europe, and other bodies. This means we are able to influence international law under the human rights framework, and this is a core area of our policy work.

We also work on policy issues that are global or international in scope, for example on concerns that affect many countries, or in forums that are international in focus. For example we produce an annual report on discrimination against atheists and the non-religious known as the Freedom of Thought Report. We run campaigns on topics connected to our policy agenda.

At Humanists International we support our Member Organisations for the growth and development of the humanist movement around the world. Through our Growth and Development programme we are working to encourage the growth of new humanist organisations and we provide resources and direct support to up-and-coming humanist and secular groups. Each year we meet alongside a Member Organisation for our global General Assembly, and every third year the Humanists International World Humanist Congress is hosted by one or more of our Member Organisations in a given country.

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Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally. We are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

We are funded by members and people like you. We are independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion. No government is beyond scrutiny. No situation is beyond hope.

Few would have predicted when we started that torturers would become international outlaws. That most countries would abolish the death penalty. And seemingly untouchable dictators would be made to answer for their crimes.

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The Correspondent

Our mission
News as we know it leaves us cynical, divided, and less informed. With your help, we want to change that.

Our promise
Every day, The Correspondent publishes stories that help you understand the world better. You can choose what you pay for a one-year membership to our site, where you can also share your knowledge and experience with correspondents and your fellow members in a truly global conversation.

Our principles
The Correspondent is founded on 10 principles that outline our commitment to independent, inclusive, and ad-free journalism. These principles guide all our editorial and business decisions.

Our story
The Correspondent launched on 30 September 2019, funded by over 50,000 founding members from 130 countries around the world. Our Dutch sister site, De Correspondent, has been providing an antidote to the daily news grind since 2013. Now with over 60,000 members, it is one of the largest and fastest growing member-funded journalism platforms in Europe. The Correspondent, founded on the same principles, brings this model to an international audience.

Our team
Our correspondents are currently based in the US, Nigeria, India, the UK, and between Italy and Argentina.Our supporting news team – editors, designers, developers, member support, and more – is based in our Amsterdam newsroom.

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