Weapons banned worldwide

By Paul Henry Moore, 27 April 2018

The world is a dangerous place. A lot of people around the world own some kind of weapon. In countries like the United States it is even right by law to have a gun in your house. There are more than 300 million firearms in the US only! So why don’t we forbid weapons? Because of, for instance, the lobby of the National Rifle Association. This club with 4 million members have an important political influence. This is one of the reasons why in our ‘perfect world’ associations (like the NRA) are not allowed to lobby any more. Furthermore is there a maximum number of members allowed, so the power never can be to big.


The biggest clients of the arms factories are the armies worldwide. Almost every country has his own army. Through centuries, they loved to fight each other. In the middle ages it was usually a case of who has the biggest army. But nowadays the motto is: the more advanced you are, the stronger you are.: the more advanced you are, the stronger you are. So a lot of money is spent on the development of arms.

Who is allowed to have weapons?

In the ‘perfect world’, to put it simple, nobody is. In the world there are only 2 groups that are allowed to carry and use weapons: the Police Force and the Department of Defence. That’s it. Even shooting clubs are not allowed any more. There is still to much danger the weapons fall into the wrong hands.

Arms factory

All the arms factories in the world are now state owned. The reason for that is that in the current system the private owners of the arms factories sell sometimes (indirect) weapons to the wrong people or groups. Furthermore they have a huge influence in politics, like in the United States, where private people are allowed to posses weapons (which lead sometimes to horrible shooting incidents). Safety isn’t their first concern, making money is.

Nuclear weapons

Are you sleeping well, knowing that there are around 15.000 nuclear weapons in the world? What if the wrong person with power got really enraged? Human beings can do strange things when they are angry. The nuclear weapons are luckily all dismantled in our ‘perfect world’. From 15.000 nuclear weapons to zero. Saves us a lot of money too. And it saves us from having a bad night sleep. Read more about nuclear weapons.

Significant savings

When the world become one country, there is just one army left. Their task is just keeping order. They are not for threatening other countries (because there aren’t any left). Over the world there are now 50 million military personnel active. In the ‘perfect world’ we have an army of 1.000.000 soldiers. That is only 2% of all the armies in the world now! Can you imagine how much money we are saving? Also the amount of weapons is far lesser. We only need small weapons for local conflicts, who can intervene very quickly.

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