Voting well prepared

By Paul Henry Moore, 16 September 2020

Under the current system, you vote for your preferred political party once every 4 years. There are many voters who base their vote on the same party, regardless of their program. In fact, most people don’t read the program at all. They rather vote for a person, or a sentiment. People vote pretty unprepared.

Or even worse, they vote against. So we don’t want party A to win and that’s why we vote for party B. Or people vote strategically. This means that you vote for a party that is not your first choice, but ensures that a certain party wins or loses or can form a coalition. In these cases it is not about the content.

All in all, it is rarely about a programme. And if it is about a programme, the choice is often guided by popular news items. Only the popular topics make the news and influence the voters (as we have seen with refugee policy).

In the new situation, people are prepared for voting. Once every 6 years there is a vote on a certain ministry, e.g. economics. People have to read online texts and answer questions. On average it takes an hour for a person to do so. After that the person has enough information to vote. This online education is not voluntary. In fact, without reading this text and answering the questions (which ensure that you have understood the context), you cannot vote.

To be clear: this is not a voting guide. A voting guide will ask you some questions and on the basis of that a political party will be proposed. In the new situation, all the political ideas on that specific subject are explained in one hour and the differences between the parties are mentioned. This information should give the voter enough input to make a sound decision.

So from now on, people vote for a plan of a political party, not for the person. The person who will lead the ministry will be designated by the winning party. This prevents people from voting for a person they consider to be pleasant. However, the person is not important at all, it is the programme that matters.

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