Equal salary for everyone

By Paul Henry Moore, 27 March 2018

This article is about salaries of employees. In the current system there is a big difference in salaries. An office employee can earn a totally different amount of money than the same employee next door, although he/she have the same tasks and responsibilities. But even in the same company there are differences. It is all a mater of negotiations. Only big companies have a salary scale. This inequality gives a lot of dissatisfaction. But also the huge amounts that top managers gained is an thorn in the flesh of the employees in the lower ranks.

Equal salary
The wages of personal in our ‘perfect world’ are equal for everyone with the same occupation. So a baker in Brussels earns the same as a baker in Rio de Janeiro or a baker in Beijing. Off course there is a lot of variety in occupations. For instance, you can have four different kind of bakers. Or 25 different kind of office workers. Totally there are more than 25.000 occupation recorded. But it solves more problems. In the current system there is also a lot of differences because of ethnic background, gender and geographic origin. All these uncomfortable differences are solved when introducing an equal salary.


No negotiations
People don’t have to negotiate any more. In the current system the person with the biggest mouth have the biggest salary. Not really fair, is it. That’s why negotiations are forbidden. If you start to work in a new company, you will know already what you going to earn. No surprises. All salaries of all occupations are recorded in the Governments Salary Database. All employers must abide to this database.

All salaries are indexed every year. The index is a fixed percentage of 2% (The same percentage is used to index prices of the goods you buy). So the only way, except for the yearly index, to earn more money is to make a career. People are therefore stimulated to study.

Top salaries
Among people there is a dissatisfaction about the huge salaries of top managers. Sometimes it is more than 10 times the salary of an average employer. Above his salary, the top manager receive also bonuses and options of the company. Not really fear to the hard-working employers on the work floor. But in our ‘perfect world’ this is all better. The salaries of top managers are also fixed, like all the other occupations. Bonuses and options don’t exist any more.

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