Een land is een vereniging

A country becomes a regional association

By Paul Henry Moore, 27 October 2018

In our utopian world, countries have been abolished and have become ‘regional associations’. These regional associations are actually the former countries, but without government and national legislation. These associations are specifically intended to preserve the cultural value of a region, such as folk festivals, local customs and language.

However, this is a free choice, not an obligation. A group of people can set up a regional association and receives a subsidy for this from the World Council. Each region can be designated as an association. This does not necessarily have to be a former country, but can also be another geographical area. These may also overlap in terms of area, because they no longer compete with each other. For example, there may be an association Turkey and also an association Kurdistan. Now these two groups have long-term conflicts with each other. In the new situation you see a cooperation between these two associations. The north of the old Spain is also a good example. There can be several associations there, such as Spain, Catalonia and the Basque Country. In the old USA you have associations for all 50 states, but also for the USA.

No politics

An important difference with the current situation is that there are no longer any political activities in the regional associations. Each association has a board, but this does not differ much from a board of, for example, a sports or hobby association. Boundaries of these regional associations only exist on paper. No physical markers should be placed on a border to prevent conflicts and to emphasize that there really are no borders anymore.



Royal Houses

The rules within regional associations are well established in order to avoid ambiguities. It is not the intention that an association will behave as an autonomous area. One of these rules is about royal houses. In countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands and Morocco, there are still royal houses that have an influence on the political system. In many countries this influence is already quite limited. The royal houses will soon fall under the responsibility of the regional associations. They no longer have any political function, but only a ceremonial one. The riches of these royal houses have also been considerably diminished by the new monetary system.


Despite the fact that the regional associations will be quite popular, you will still see a decrease of members in these associations. This is partly due to the popularity of local municipalities. The political structure of municipalities remains and therefore you will see a greater connection with the local municipality where people live.

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