Below we give an overview of the designations used on this website. These are words or phrases that are not currently used or have a (slightly) different meaning.


  • Basic Income: An unconditional monthly income for all people in the world from the age of 16. Read more →
  • Basic Healthcare): An unconditional health care for all people in the world. Read more →


  • Global: On a worldly scale.


  • Municipalities: Local authorities that implement the law, monitor and regulate local legislation on the basis of secular legislation.


  • Region Communities: Groups of people can set up associations similar to the former countries or specific areas.




  • Uni: The currency of the world. There’s only one currency left. All other currencies have expired. The Uni is only digital. So there is no paper money or coins.
  • United World: The only country that still exists. All other countries have been abolished. Read more →
  • United World Bank: The name of the only bank in the world. All other banks have been dissolved and are no longer allowed.
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