The perfect world!

By Paul Henry Moore, 15 January 2018

How does a perfect world look like?

We try to answer that question!

On this website you don’t see what the world really looks like, but in an (almost) perfect situation. We (editors) believe that the current problems in the world can be solved quite easily. We try to take a clear and refreshing look at our world and dissect complex problems.

In short, the world could be a whole lot better! Not only for ‘us’ in the West, but also (and especially) for people in war zones and third world countries.

In our articles we show how matters can be organised on various themes, such as politics, finance, business, security and our personal lives. To give you a hint, we’ll give you some things that can change below:

  • Countries are disbanded, there is only 1 country left: the United World
  • Everyone in the world in a given profession earns the same, regardless of place, race and gender
  • All banks have been liquidated, there is only one bank left in the world: the United World Bank
  • There’s no more paper money, only digital money
  • There’s only 1 currency left
  • Everyone in the world has a Basic Income (Basic Income), unconditionally
  • Multinationals have a maximum size, so their influence is limited

Read our articles and give your opinion. We are very interested to hear if you support our vision.

The Editors

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