End of the mega multinationals

By Paul Henry Moore, 27 April 2018

Mega companies have a big influence in the world of today. Some companies are so big, that their income is higher than some countries. Because their goal isn’t usually not for the interest of people or the environment, the unrestrained expanding of those company is a real threat to the world.


The problem with this huge companies is, that they always want to grow, no matter what. For instance, they buy other smaller companies, not because they needed that company, but just to have one competitor less. They merge with other big companies, just to have more power. The danger is the influence they have, especially on political and financial areas. The large companies have arrangements with many countries about paying taxes. Sometimes they pay only 1,5% tax, while a smaller company pay 20%. Not really a fair competition. Another problem is that politicians usually start a career with a big company, after they have left politics. During there political career they’ll think twice to be in the way of their future boss. Bribes are also a easy way to get what you want. In short, the mega companies have way to much power.


Al those problems are in the past in our ‘perfect world’. There is a quit simple solution. We maximizes the size of a company. When a company reaches the revenue of 500 million, or the company reaches the total number of 50.000 employees, or the company has a product that owns 25% of the market, the company can’t grow any more. Bigger is just not allowed. So or you stop growing, or you split the company or you sell parts of your company to other parties. With this law the power of the companies is reduced to normal. And off course no more tax deals.

Politicians and their career

As I mentioned politicians start often a career with a big company after they left politics. In that way they could be influenced by the big companies, because the politicians have something to loose. But we make an end to this. If you start a career in politics, it is for live! Now we had almost 200 countries, with all their own politicians. So there are tens of thousands politicians in the world. Pretty costly you might say. But in the ‘perfect world’ there is only one country, the United World. So we have only one political system. Instead of more then ten thousand politicians, we now have only a couple of hundred. To be sure there is no influence from outside for their career after they stop as a politician, we pay them until there dead. Problem solved!

Stock market

The owners of big companies are the stock holders. In that way companies have enough money to invest in new project. But it has also a down effect. Stock holders buy shares just for one reason: to make money. So the directors of the company have just to do one thing: make money. All other goals are second place. Making money is the most important task. So the welfare of the employees, the quality of the products, all these issues mattered, but they are on a second place. In our opinion, the quality of the product must be number one. It is therefore important to abolish all stock markets. It is the end of grabbing by greedy people.

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