No more banknotes, but everything digital

No more banknotes, but everything digital

3 April 2020

Corruption is one of the biggest problems worldwide right now. It causes a lot of poverty in the world. One of the causes of corruption is the existence of cash. That’s why in our perfect world there are no more banknotes, but everything is digital. The invisibility of banknotes The problem with banknotes is that […]


7 billion people a Basic Income

27 May 2018

Have you ever tried imagining what a maze of welfare payments looks like? There’s welfare for everything. For old people, young people, sick people, the unemployed, the needy and many more groups. Tens of thousands of civil servants are busy every day assessing applications, taking care of the complex administration, speaking to people and so […]


Equal salary for everyone

27 March 2018

This article is about salaries of employees. In the current system there is a big difference in salaries. An office employee can earn a totally different amount of money than the same employee next door, although he/she have the same tasks and responsibilities. But even in the same company there are differences. It is all […]


The new financial system

27 February 2018

If there is one sector we have to make more changes than in all other sectors, it’s in the financial sector. And to be honest: that is verry necessary. The financial market is corrupt to the bones. And it is more powerful than any other sector. Even more than the governments of the independent countries. […]