The perfect world!

15 January 2018

How does a perfect world look like? We try to answer that question! On this website you don’t see what the world really looks like, but in an (almost) perfect situation. We (editors) believe that the current problems in the world can be solved quite easily. We try to take a clear and refreshing look […]

Voting well prepared

16 September 2020

Under the current system, you vote for your preferred political party once every 4 years. There are many voters who base their vote on the same party, regardless of their program. In fact, most people don’t read the program at all. They rather vote for a person, or a sentiment. People vote pretty unprepared. Or […]

gelijke rechten voor iedereen

Equal human rights for all

10 April 2020

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of inequality in the world. Especially when it comes to rights. Many groups are oppressed, imprisoned, discriminated against (also by governments!) and even tortured and murdered. 1Russian LGBT activist Yelena Grigoryeva murdered in St Petersburg. We want equal human rights for all. A sad list Homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, women, […]

No more banknotes, but everything digital

No more banknotes, but everything digital

3 April 2020

Corruption is one of the biggest problems worldwide right now. It causes a lot of poverty in the world. One of the causes of corruption is the existence of cash. That’s why in our perfect world there are no more banknotes, but everything is digital. The invisibility of banknotes The problem with banknotes is that […]

Health care for all: the Basic Health Care

Health care for all: the Basic Health Care

1 April 2020

The most common expression is that health care is a right. In other words, everyone has the right to good health care. This is enshrined in the 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. 1IVESCR. But unfortunately, even after more than 50 years it turns out to be a hollow promise. What is […]

Nuclear weapons out of the world

Nuclear weapons out of the world

12 October 2019

Nuclear weapons are a constant threat in today’s world. Why are they there at all if you know how destructive they are? History Ernest Rutherford was the one who first managed to split atoms. The American Robert Oppenheimer eventually developed the atomic bomb. An atomic bomb has actually been used twice in history. Both bombs […]

Een land is een vereniging

A country becomes a regional association

27 October 2018

In our utopian world, countries have been abolished and have become ‘regional associations’. These regional associations are actually the former countries, but without government and national legislation. These associations are specifically intended to preserve the cultural value of a region, such as folk festivals, local customs and language. However, this is a free choice, not […]

Een wereld zonder grenzen

Een wereld zonder grenzen

27 August 2018

This article is in Dutch, but soon will be translated into English. Het is voor mensen moeilijk voor te stellen, een wereld zonder grenzen. Het aantal vluchtelingen wereldwijd is enorm. Grenzen worden strenger bewaakt dan ooit en op veel plaatsen worden zelfs muren gebouwd, zoals in Israël, USA en landen binnen Europa. Allemaal om de […]


Verkiezingen per ministerie

27 June 2018

This article is in Dutch, but soon will be translated into English. Er is afscheid genomen van de vorm van regeren, waarbij er eens in de zoveel jaar (meestal vier) een nieuwe regering wordt gekozen. Verkiezingen In het huidige systeem, zoals bij de verkiezingen in Nederland in 2017, is één bepaalde partij winnaar van de […]


7 billion people a Basic Income

27 May 2018

Have you ever tried imagining what a maze of welfare payments looks like? There’s welfare for everything. For old people, young people, sick people, the unemployed, the needy and many more groups. Tens of thousands of civil servants are busy every day assessing applications, taking care of the complex administration, speaking to people and so […]


Weapons banned worldwide

27 April 2018

The world is a dangerous place. A lot of people around the world own some kind of weapon. In countries like the United States it is even right by law to have a gun in your house. There are more than 300 million firearms in the US only! So why don’t we forbid weapons? Because […]


End of the mega multinationals

27 April 2018

Mega companies have a big influence in the world of today. Some companies are so big, that their income is higher than some countries. Because their goal isn’t usually not for the interest of people or the environment, the unrestrained expanding of those company is a real threat to the world. Expanding The problem with […]


Equal salary for everyone

27 March 2018

This article is about salaries of employees. In the current system there is a big difference in salaries. An office employee can earn a totally different amount of money than the same employee next door, although he/she have the same tasks and responsibilities. But even in the same company there are differences. It is all […]


The new financial system

27 February 2018

If there is one sector we have to make more changes than in all other sectors, it’s in the financial sector. And to be honest: that is verry necessary. The financial market is corrupt to the bones. And it is more powerful than any other sector. Even more than the governments of the independent countries. […]


All countries in the world have been disbanded

27 January 2018

It is easy to say that the biggest change is the elimination of all countries. Suppose we only have one country left: the United World. From nearly 200 countries… We’ve lived in different countries of the world for over 3,000 years. Today there are almost 200 countries in the world. Several countries are in constant […]